A portrait of Margie C Rose
Margie C. Rose
City Manager

Welcome to the City of Corpus Christi CPR

City Performance Reporting

Providing transparency and accountability for performance

  • Our City Mission: "The Mission of the City of Corpus Christi is to deliver municipal services which meet the vital health, safety, and general welfare needs of the residents and which sustain and improve their quality of life. As we work to achieve this mission, we will employ fiscal discipline, continuous improvement, first-rate customer service, and straight forward communications. In this work we will tolerate no mediocrity."

  • Annual Business Plans: Each City Department has an Annual Business Plan including a departmental mission statement, specific mission elements, goals and annual tasks. Plans are available on the City's web site.

  • Our CPR builds on the foundations established by annual business plans. The CPR includes two primary components: Internal Measures and External (Benchmark) measures to show how well we are meeting our mission and goals. It also displays annual trends in performance. To view a CPR page, click on the Departments link in the box on the top right. If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, please direct them to the Office of Strategic Management at stevek@cctexas.com.

Our vision is to become the benchmark for all other Texas cities.


  1. Department name is displayed on top right. Can use down-arrow to select different department
  2. Baseline information: Key trends by Fiscal Year
  3. Operational profile information: Key characteristics of the department where applicable
  4. Mission Elements with associated goals, measures and results: Displaying Department Mission Elements, most with an associated performance measure and actual results. You can modify the reporting period by selecting the reporting interval (e.g. yearly, quarterly, or monthly) and the applicable reporting period (e.g. FY 12-13, FY 11-12)
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