Baseline Information
FY 15-16 FY 14-15 FY 13-14 FY 12-13
Full-time employees budgeted (non-grant)323027
# Animal Control Officers (ACOs) budgeted212322
Total actual dept expenditures$2.5 M$2.07 M$2.04 M
# citizen calls for service24,61920,37621,866
# dogs picked up by ACOs4,8714,4834,567
# pet licenses issued10,7388,45710,634
# animals sterilized2,2711,7471,555
# animals sheltered7,4349,901
% impounded animals redeemed or adopted57%42%23%
Number of positive tests of West Nile virus020
Operational Profile
Animal Care became part of the Corpus Christi Police Department during 2012
Days Animal Shelter open to public:6
Vector control services added in FY 2012

    The fiscal year for the CPR reflects results for the months of August 1 through July 31; adjustments have not yet been     made to reflect the change in City's fiscal year to the months of October 1 thru September 30.
Department Mission:
Administer animal regulations and promote responsible pet ownership
Mission Element
Administer animal code compliance
Build a high performance work force enforcing municipal codes relating to animal ownership through education and citations 
Number of citations issued 
601.00 An icon of a chart
Pick up stray animals
Perform timely, courteous, and professional responses to service requests 
# of stray dog complaints received 
7611.00 An icon of a chart
% of cleared calls for service 
100.00 An icon of a chart
Care for in-custody animals
Assure all animals housed within the shelter receive the highest level of care 
Number of live releases of domestic animals within shelter 
1774.00 An icon of a chart
Promote pet adoption and pet ownership
Raise public awareness of adoption program through public media, public interactions, and education  
Number of animals adopted 
>= 700.00
891.00 An icon of a chart
Control stray animal populations
Decrease total stray population through animal sterilizations 
Number of animals sterilized 
1018.00 An icon of a chart
Reduce vector borne diseases
Reduce number of pest and vector mosquitoes through effective surveillance, spraying and education 
Number of positive tests of West Nile virus 
1.00 An icon of a chart