Baseline Information
FY 14-15 FY 13-14 FY 12-13 FY 11-12
Full-time employees budgeted (non-grant)32302723
# Animal Control Officers (ACOs) budgeted21232214
Total actual dept expenditures$2.5 M$2.07 M$2.04 M$1.81 M
# citizen calls for service24,61920,37621,86627,059
# dogs picked up by ACOs4,8714,4834,5675,894
# pet licenses issued10,7388,45710,63411,643
# animals sterilized2,2711,7471,5551,453
# animals sheltered7,4349,90112,340
% impounded animals redeemed or adopted57%42%23%20%
Number of positive tests of West Nile virus0208
Operational Profile
Animal Care became part of the Corpus Christi Police Department during 2012
Days Animal Shelter open to public:6
Vector control services added in FY 2012
Department Mission:
Administer animal regulations and promote responsible pet ownership
Mission Element
Administer animal code compliance
Build a high performance work force enforcing municipal codes relating to animal ownership through education and citations
Number of citations issued
Pick up stray animals
Perform timely, courteous, and professional responses to service requests
# of stray dog complaints received
2556.00 An icon of a chart
Perform timely, courteous, and professional responses to service requests
# of stray dogs impounded
363.00 An icon of a chart
Care for in-custody animals
Assure all animals housed within the shelter receive the highest level of care
Number of live releases of domestic animals within shelter
Promote pet adoption and pet ownership
Raise public awareness of adoption program
Number of animals adopted
>= 700.00
Control stray animal populations
Decrease total stray population through animal sterilizations and ordinance education
Number of animals sterilized
Reduce vector borne diseases
Reduce number of pest and vector mosquitoes through effective surveillance, spraying and education
Number of positive tests of West Nile virus